My business was featured in an issue of the Williamsburg Next Door Neighbor Magazine (pages 14-17). Read the article now using this link.


Emails from Brana

The New Moon & Full Moon Reports. These reports are sent twice a month and include: what challenges you may be faced with, how to use the energy for your benefit, and what specific crystals will help you! Just enter your email and your name!


Guided Meditation Sundays at 10am at Pilates, Etc. Studio in Newport News. These are seated meditations so please bring whatever will make you feel comfortable seated on the floor. Please register at

All in-person events and classes have been cancelled. Instead — you can enjoy the recorded MP3 meditations from the comfort of your home during this time.

Small Things, Big Impact - Interview

The things that help us don’t always have to be big and dramatic. Sometimes it is the small things that have the most powerful impact! By doing them repeatedly they become the micro-habits that help us with any change we want to make. So this is why in this video I don’t talk about the energy sessions that I do and that most of you are familiar with, but about energy things that *you* can do, every day, to release and minimize the stress in your life and receive breakthroughs that you are looking for.