About Me

Hi, I’m Brana and the three Soul Archetypes that most clearly express who I am are the Explorer, the Magician, and the Creator (to learn about yours you can request my Soul Astrology Blueprint reading).

I was born with extra sensory abilities and have been developing my gifts throughout my life to create multi-dimensional healing approach that creates rapid personal transformation.

My work with Tesla Healing, Soul Astrology, Archetype Integration and Crystal Frequencies helps to quickly clear energetic blocks, expand intuitive abilities and increase personal energy.

In addition to my private practice, I hold meditation classes and  teach workshops on energy healing throughout the metropolitan Hampton Roads area in Virginia.

As an Explorer, I feel most at home when I am visiting and exploring sacred sites, far-away places, and foreign cultures. Learning, studying, and teaching about how to grow and expand our potentials are my passions.

When I started working for the healingcrystals.com as a crystal expert, social media curator and writer in 2012 I chose the name Crystal Cosmopolitan, which became the name of my business as well. I received this name in Prague, Czech Republic – my grandmother’s birthplace —  many years ago by a deeply intuitive energy reader who instantly recognized my passion for travel and my feeling at home in the world.

As a Magician, the gifts of clairsentience and clairaudience appeared in my early childhood. In addition to receiving messages from spiritual realms, the Higher Self, and as intuitive guidance, I also often knew what someone would say before they said it and I understood the conveyed meanings in foreign languages I didn’t know.

I was introduced to card reading when I was eight years old, on a beautiful beach, while vacationing with a group of schoolkids of various ages. Someone brought a deck of playing cards and taught me what each number signified and in the days that followed I became an in-demand reader.

In my early teens I learned to read palms and started studying astrology, and have been doing readings since then.

As a Creator, I am always interested in creating new ways of doing things.

When I was a child I was creating songs and stories, and later on composed a number of songs on piano (which, being a private person, I never released to the public. I consider them my sacred songs).

When I started working with crystals, I created a unique process of energy reading that combines crystals and astrology.

I created a new healing modality Archetype Integration, Soul Contract Astrology Reading for Couples, and a Lightworkers’ Acceleration Program.

My sensitivity to energy fields (which are today explained through quantum physics and neuroscience) led me to explore various shamanic methods and energy healing techniques from around the world. This passion always ran parallel to my life as a musician, researcher, music teacher, and a university professor.

Working with a number of other energy modalities, as well as music, has further broadened my perspectives and what I bring to my practice. My academic background and a Ph.D. degree from UCLA are the driving forces behind my scientific research on energy work.