Anxiety and Astrology


How can astrology help someone with anxiety?

We all know what anxiety is and it is kind of obvious why we might have it.

At the surface level anxiety is about circumstances that seem or are beyond our control. At a deeper level – anxiety is about fear regarding survival.

However, hidden in the middle of this is both the “why” and the solution for the “why”, which also explains why not everyone in the same circumstances has the same response.

And this crucial middle part is what I can see in an astrological chart.


One of my L.A. clients with a high-pressure job in a high-stakes industry had level 10 anxiety (on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest).

And it would be quite logical to assume that the cut-throat environment was the cause of their anxiety.

However, when we started talking and I looked at their astrology (natal chart), it turned out that the astro pattern I saw in their chart revealed a deep-seated issue with their self-value, which directly led to their belief that they have to drive themselves to the point of exhaustion in order for them to feel they are worthy and in order for others to value them.

So when I explained the aspect that they had, it became very clear that the root cause of anxiety was not their job but rather the way they were using their job to cope with this issue.

On a purely physical level, driving yourself to the point of exhaustion depletes all the bodily systems and this depletion creates a feeling of anxiety.


However, for another client with a different astro pattern in their chart, anxiety showed up because they tended to absorb too much energy from their environment – including feelings from other people – and that is what overloaded their system.

They otherwise had a very strong sense of personal value, a balanced work/free time ratio and a  relaxed, enjoyable, supportive, and a non-competitive work environment.


In both of these cases, their astrology chart also clearly pointed to what the best solution was for each of them. And because the cause was different – the solution was different as well.


Resolving things like these through specific life-style changes, energy work and spiritual practices will then form a solid energetic foundation, so that when anxiety is induced through geomagnetic disturbances or increased radiation, or unexpected life circumstances, it will be much easier to deal with.

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