Scientific Research on Biofield Therapy

“The newly completed searchable database of essential clinical studies and scientific articles regarding subtle energy and biofield therapies, out of over ***6000 peer-reviewed scientific publications*** in biofield healing proves that the dismissive “there is no good science on Energy Healing” statement which one often finds in medical and mainstream media sources is absolutely not true!”

“Even though millions of people worldwide regularly choose Energy Medicine as an essential part of their healthcare, the entire field has been attacked, suppressed, and dismissed by many in mainstream science, medicine, and media – as has always throughout history been the case before a major paradigm shift.

However a major contribution to this paradigm shift in healthcare has just been published.

In April 2020, as the world was swept up in a global epidemic, a group of Silicon Valley visionaries and funders released their major new report: Subtle Energy and Biofield Healing: Evidence, Practice and Future Direction.

This report is an unprecedented status update on the field of energy healing; it brings together for the first time in one place the latest research, practice and technology in this domain.

In this report there is a groundbreaking unification of various practices such as Reiki, Chi Gong, Healing Touch, Shamanic Healing, and many others under one umbrella of study.”

This report is available at: