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The Top 5 Crystals for Discovering Your Life Purpose

Have you ever wondered if there were any crystals that can help you discovering your Soul’s purpose in this life?

A lot of people are starting to feel that they are born for something greater than what they are currently experiencing and yet find that search for the Life Purpose or Soul’s Purpose is elusive.

Generally speaking, every crystal can contribute to the evolution of your Soul but there are some whose vibrational frequencies are uniquely suited to speed up this process of discovery.

Based on my personal work and the hundreds of clients I guided through my crystal classes, astrocoaching and crystal healing sessions, here are my top 5 recommendations:

1) Labradorite

Labradorite is without a doubt one of the most powerful and yet the most gentle guide on the path of awakening. The synchronicities that it starts bringing into the life of a person who sincerely wonders about their Soul’s purpose start almost invisibly and then continue building up on each other with each new experience. It helps with opening up spiritual vision in a way that is balanced and protective.

2) Petalite

Petalite quickly increases beautiful Heart-centered awareness of spiritual guidance from the highest realms. Often called an “Angel Stone”, it helps you connect to the unconditional love between you and your Higher Self. It harmonizes the pineal and pituitary glands and gently dissolves worry and doubt. From the energetic state that it generates, you can much more easily perceive the spiritual guidance that you receive, which is one of the most common issues that most people have when it comes to the spiritual growth.

3) Rainbow Fluorite

If we can understand that “The quality of our life is defined by the quality of our questions” (T. Robbins), then it follows that refining our thinking so that we can ask better questions should be one of the first things on our spiritual agenda when looking for our Life’s purpose.

Rainbow Fluorite is one of the best crystals for achieving clarity of thought. It quickens spiritual awakening by clearing the mind fog and focusing our thought processes to ask the right questions. Additionally, it clears the aura (electro-magnetic field)  of the electro-magnetic smog, which – in and of itself – can help clear blocks to receiving the answers that we are looking for.

4) Nirvana Quartz

Nirvana Quartz is one of the highest vibration Quartzes yet discovered, according to the international bestselling crystal writer Judy Hall. In working with it, I have discovered that it provides an instantaneous reminder of our spiritual nature and the greater purpose of our being here, at this time and this place.

Wherever you are planted, that is where you need to grow and contribute.  Nirvana Quartz helps awaken the dormant spiritual gifts  that each person possesses and – with dedicated practice – spirals up and speeds up the spiritual insights that lead to living and embodying our Soul’s purpose.

5) Moldavite

This stone is – for many – quite challenging to deal with and needs to be worked with in small doses.  The well-known “Moldavite Flush” effect is hard to imagine until it is personally felt – many people experience heat, flushed face, racing energy through the body, heart palpitations . . . Beyond just the physical sensations, Moldavite is known to upend one’s life – if that is needed – by rapidly clearing out all that is in the way of living one’s Soul’s purpose. This happens only when one holds on to outdated beliefs, relationships, and ways of living that are no longer in alignment with one’s Soul’s path.

That being said, there are those (like me, for instance) who, because of their ancestral lineage that comes from the only area in the world where Moldavite is found, are already acclimated to the effects of this stone and are not feeling its effects in such a dramatic way.

Ultimately, however,  whether one feels its effects or not on the physical level, Moldavite brings needed but often unexpected change that speeds up the process of personal evolution at the rate  – and for the huge number of people – unrivalled by any other stone in existence.

Expansion and growth of your spiritual gifts and stepping firmly onto the path of your Soul’s purpose have been the most commonly reported effects world-wide of this amazing stone.

So there you are! Could have written more but then it would be a book 🙂

To learn more about what is the best stone for you to start with, whether to combine them and how to work with them, you can sign up for a personal consultation through sending me an email HERE.

Or, for a more in-depth understanding and advice on how to work with specific crystals for a specific purpose to clear obstacles in your life, you can book a personal Soul’s Blueprint astro consultation or check out my on-demand digital crystal classes.

Enjoy working with your crystals and finding your Soul’s purpose!

Let me know how it goes!

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