Lunar and Solar Eclipses – Psychological and Spiritual Effects


Spiritually, Lunar Eclipse is not the time to do any intentions or manifestations or lunar water or to ask for guidance or anything that you would normally want to do during a Full Moon. This is a time to just be by yourself, without distractions, in silence . . .

Which may be challenging, because in today’s spiritual climate the messages are to constantly be productive, to do this and to make that . . .

Do whatever you want to do, always, of course, but know that the wisdom of those who came long before us was to use this time to listen to the sound of silence.

And because it has become common these days to turn to science to justify our actions, here is an article that explains why silence is beneficial

And here is a great one that explains what is meant by silence in spiritual terms

And if, for your personal mental health reasons, this is not advisable for you, then make sure to have what you need close by.

The strength and the length of this Lunar Eclipse along the Scorpio -Taurus axis on November 19 is something that has not been experienced for the last 580 years (see my previous post for all the factual details), so we will all have to see how it actually affects us.

The In-Between Time

Not all the Eclipses have the same power and the same symbolism.

We are now at the time between  the longest-in-the-last-580-years Lunar Eclipse, which happened early Friday morning at the Scorpio-Taurus axis and The Total Solar Eclipse, which will happen on December 4, 2021 at the Gemini – Sagittarius axis.

Sunday 11-21-2021 and Monday 11-22-2021, the Sun will be exactly conjunct the South Node, further accentuating the themes of both what happened and what will happen in both of these Eclipses.


While the actual physical Eclipse lasts for a very brief time, the psychological effects of the Eclipses are usually more pronounced.

This means that they may bring out a pattern, a topic, a situation in your life, according to how it impacts your natal chart, that is showing you what needs to change. Sometimes you even get the clues as to how to change it.

So it is important to pay attention around the days of the Eclipse (as well as on that day) to all the details of your life and notice both the blessings and the challenges that show up.

And to think about them, write about them, work them out through talk therapy and energy work, in as many ways you can.


But first – withdraw from the world, be in silence, and work with them in silence for a little while.

That is one of the key ways in which the Eclipse time is different from any other astrologically significant time.


With the above-mentioned Sun conjunct South Node, here is what to do and what not to do:

“With the Sun conjunct the South Node, the past calls but you don’t pick up.

Minor work irks and random conversations evoke Deja Vu. The South Node is a portal to your past – this life and further back.

The Sun illuminates whatever it shines on.

Everything reminds you of who you used to be and affirms you’re no longer that person.

It may be tempting to meander down memory lane but stay resolutely in the now.

You’ll get more insights from Sun conjunct the South Node that way.

Monitor your dreams and honor how far you have come.” (By Mystic Medusa)


I would add – the “observe the past but stay in the present” advice is that much more powerful if you combine it with past life healing work.

All the crystals I recommended for the Eclipse time a few days ago are the ones to keep working with:  Black Tourmaline, Gold-sheen Obsidian, Red Jasper, Howlite, Enhydro, Tibetan Quartz, Sugilite

To explore in more depth the themes that these Eclipses are bringing out for you and for energy work, check out the Services page.

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