Archetype Integration™


Delivery: Remote – Distance Sessions only


  • Archetype Integration™ is mind/body/energy modality that Brana was intuitively guided to create.
  • It includes past life regression, honoring ancestral connections and healing the inner child.
  • It is a unique combination of an interactive imaging, a guided visualization process and *energy clearing techniques* that works on the archetypal levels to correct any imbalances that a client may perceive in their life, such as persistent obstacles or inability to move forward satisfactorily in their life (in terms of finances, love relationships, career advancement, etc).
  • Archetypes – universally recognized symbols that represent universal human experiences and parts of our psyche that influence our behavior – are powerful forces in our lives. The more conscious they become –the more we can incorporate them in our lives in a productive way, the easier and smoother our lives flow.

Brana Mijatovic is not a physician, and she does not diagnose nor treat disease. Sessions provided are not a replacement for diagnosis or treatment from a medical health practitioner for illnesses, injuries, or other medical conditions. There are no specific claims regarding the results you may experience from a session.


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Brana will contact you within 24 hours of receiving the payment through the email you provided to schedule the session time. You can always contact her by clicking on the email or the phone icon at the bottom of this page.

Session Information

Release Statement

I hereby request the Archetype Integration™ session(s) for the purpose of assisting me to access my own inner resources of healing energy so that I may heal myself. I understand that while certain suggestions may be made that will assist me, this is in no way diagnosing or prescribing on my behalf. I hereby release Brana Mijatovic from any and all liabilities or claims of any nature that may result from this (these) session(s) or from my failure to pursue medical attention for any physical or psychological ailments I may have and I acknowledge that I have not been advised against pursuing such attention. I understand that I am solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with my own medical treatment and care including any medications prescribed by my doctor.