Astro Goddesses Energy – Your Personalized Monthly Guide

The earliest available appointment for this service is September 12, 2024. The energy healing sessions are not affected and will be available as usual during this time.


Delivery: Remote only, phone or Skype, 30 minute call

Astro Goddesses Energy – Your Personalized Monthly Guide to Re-Connect to Your Magic, Beauty and Power

Immersed in daily tasks, we so often forget how valuable, beautiful, and amazing we are.  Discovering your Astrological Archetypes of Goddesses can bring you back to that place within that makes you feel excited and joyful about your path ahead.
In my unique Astro Goddesses Energy Monthly Consult I will find your top Goddess Archetype that is activated at the time of your booking, so that you can connect to the kind of energy that is working for you and that you can most easily use to reach your goals! While there are Goddess Archetypes that are our constant companions, their energy is not always easily accessible, so this will be different each month based on the transits.
Different Goddesses in astrology are archetypes of feminine energy that show you your unique magic, beauty and power – and are usually hidden from view.  They are specific placements in the chart that astrologers typically do not look for in a regular natal chart session. They are not represented by the planets and have their own symbolism.
So while I still offer the incredibly powerful Astro Soul Blueprint and Unlocking Past Lives Astro Consults – the Goddesses Energy one connects you to entirely different parts of you!!
This is a stand-alone session that covers one month.
And you can do it each month as a guide to how can your energy be best used that month!!

Here is an example: One client was feeling unmotivated in her life as a result of too many obligations. The session showed that Pallas Athena was currently her most important Goddess Archetype.
🍀Pallas Athena was revered as a Goddess of Sight and Goddess of Healing: So the message for my client was to focus on her intuitive and her healing abilities!
🍀The strengths of Pallas Athena include courage, strength, intelligence, diplomacy, justice, and education. This showed that at this time – these were the keywords to use as daily affirmations and as guidance to what to set as her goals.
🍀Pallas Athena in an astrology chart by placement reveals how we solve problems.  With her Pallas Athena activated in Scorpio that month, she could easily read between the lines to find the hidden truth.
As it was activated in her 11th House, she could solve any problems that month best by communication with spirit guides and angels, or any type of high-vibrational group that is “beyond the veil.”

It will also tell you how best to support and nourish that specific Goddess Energy – through specific practices, essential oils, crystals, and colors – so that you experience and embody more of those strengths in your life.
Because the keys to your transformation are found not only in overcoming your weaknesses, but even more so when you start connecting to your strengths.

This 30 minute reading will be scheduled to be completed, via Skype or phone 7 – 10 days after the payment is submitted.


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