Crystals for the Emotional Body (Video+PDF)


Delivery: Video Download (60 Minutes) and PDF Download


In this class we will address

  1. How Emotions Create Physical Issues
  2. Understanding the Role of Emotions
  3. Water and Emotions
  4. Programming Crystals and Water for Clearing the Emotional Body of Toxic Emotions
  5. Programming Crystals and Water for Amplification of Nurturing Emotions

Please note:

I have condensed this topic so that you get most out of it within this one hour that we have.
Each topic is much more complex than this class covers. In my advanced classes I present medical and scientific research that goes deeper into how it all works, covers more specific issues and different crystals.
Also — in all of my live classes we laugh a lot! I edit the live videos later to make it easier to watch, but you will still see me smiling at certain points.
If you are local (Williamsburg, VA area) you can contact me for the custom-made crystal tubes that you will see near the end of the video.
They are made using a special crystal attunement process for each client.

BEFORE YOUR START THE CLASS YOU NEED TO HAVE THE FOLLOWING STONES – I am including the links where you can get them.

I am trying to be very mindful of the reasonable budget for the stones.
I will organize this class based on the stones listed, as opposed to in some other way. I have experience with many different stones and know which can have a similar influence.
If you are wondering why I am leaving some commonly-known stones out, the explanation is at the bottom of this list.
However, also consider that the stones you get will last you a lifetime, so it is worth investing in high quality stones.
Feel free to research elsewhere for better prices, these are just my recommendations based on the high quality that is typical for this seller.

  • Moonstone (pale) – get two of these
  • Morganite
  • Rose Quartz
  • Lithium Quartz – Don’t be surprised – it rarely looks “nice”, even when polished. However, it is worth having because of the lithium (included in quartz) not because of its visual appeal.
  • Rhodonite
  • Amazonite
  • Blue Lace Agate

This class is being recorded during the time when many stores are closed due to the global pandemic. I am listing the links for an online store that has great quality stones and is open at this time.

When you get them – open the bags with all the precautions you generally use for any kind of shopping these days and wash all your stones with soap and water or cleanse with cotton pad soaked in alcohol, then dry them.

And don’t touch them again until the class begins – this is very important


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