Soul Astrology Blueprint - Astrology with Gemstones



  • Are you wondering why you keep coming across the same obstacles in your life?
  • Why no matter what you do the same problems seem to crop up over and over again?
  • Your Soul Astrology Blueprint holds the answer!
  • The power of this reading lies in showing you not only why some things happen, but also what to do to finally overcome them.
  • Your Soul Astrology Blueprint Reading will reveal to you:
    • What your Soul needs to feel nourished, strong and replenished
    • What your Inner Child needs to feel secure, safe, and supported
    • What Archetypes to activate to best express your inner gifts
    • What ancestral influences are showing up as obstacles in your life and how to clear them
    • How to overcome your inner tensions and challenges
  • You will also learn how to best
    • Deal with your relationships
    • Succeed at work
    • Discover, create and support your vision for the life that you desire
  • This reading includes recommendation for best crystals to work with to enhance your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.
  • This 60 min. reading will be scheduled to be completed, via Skype or phone 7 – 10 days after the payment is submitted.


These readings are intended for entertainment purposes. They represent neither legal nor medical advice. By submitting a request for a reading, you indicate your understanding that no specific results are guaranteed.


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Order Information

I hereby request the service of Soul Astrology Blueprint session(s). I understand that while certain suggestions may be made that will assist me, this is in no way diagnosing or prescribing on my behalf. I hereby release Brana Mijatovic from any and all liabilities or claims of any nature that may result from this (these) session(s) or from my failure to pursue medical attention for any physical or psychological ailments I may have and I acknowledge that I have not been advised against pursuing such attention. I understand that I am solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with my own medical treatment and care including any medications prescribed by my doctor.