Soul Astrology Blueprint – Astrology with Gemstones


Delivery: Skype or phone, 60 min.


  • Are you wondering why you keep coming across the same obstacles in your life?
  • Why no matter what you do the same problems seem to crop up over and over again?
  • Your Soul Astrology Blueprint holds the answer!
  • The power of this reading lies in showing you not only why some things happen, but also what to do to finally overcome them.
  • Your Soul Astrology Blueprint Reading will reveal to you:
    • What your Soul needs to feel nourished, strong and replenished
    • What your Inner Child needs to feel secure, safe, and supported
    • What Archetypes to activate to best express your inner gifts
    • What ancestral influences are showing up as obstacles in your life and how to clear them
    • How to overcome your inner tensions and challenges
  • You will also learn how to best
    • Deal with your relationships
    • Succeed at work
    • Discover, create and support your vision for the life that you desire

I analyze your chart using a blend of traditional (Hellenistic) and modern (Archetypal) astrology, including the Sun, Moon, the 8 planets, the relevant asteroids, the Lunar Nodes, and the Angles, and how they all interact according to a specific set of rules which include – but are not limited to – the relationships between the Elements, polarities, modalities, the signs, the houses; the 5 Ptolemaic aspects; rulerships, dignities and dispositors.

And then, without burdening you with the astrological jargon above, I translate all that into a language that provides you with deep insights into the way you think, feel, act, the things that you are aware of and the things that lie in your subconscious, the external and internal difficulties you are habitually encountering in your life, the fears that you grapple with and the gifts that you can always count on.

And then I suggest astrological remediations, which can help you overcome the difficulties and strengthen your luck/gifts through a specific set of recommendations based uniquely on your chart.

In my practice this includes Bach Flower Remedies, crystal energetics, connections with specific Elements, specific types of meditations, ways to resolve negative thinking patterns, ways to resolve emotional difficulties, how to deepen your spiritual practice, your best ways for psychic protection and energetic boundaries, how to restore your vitality, how to best focus your energies so you can be most productive . . .

After this, we can tailor an energy healing session (Accunect  or Archetype Integration) based on your specific challenges to start helping you clear them even more efficiently.

There are other types of astro consults that one can ask for, but this is always the first step.

This 60 min. reading will be scheduled to be completed, via Skype or phone 7 – 10 days after the payment is submitted.


These readings are intended for entertainment purposes. They represent neither legal nor medical advice. By submitting a request for a reading, you indicate your understanding that no specific results are guaranteed.


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