Soul Contracts Relationship Astrology


Per Couple per reading
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The reading will reveal

  • Why you have been brought together
  • What gifts you bring to your partner & what gifts your partner brings to you
  • What lessons you are learning from each other
  • How to overcome challenges in your partnership.

I will look at your natal charts, synastry charts and the composite chart, to provide you with an in-depth view at the defining aspects of your Soul Contract that brought you together.

Note: This reading is not a prediction of the future of the relationship. You have free will and it is only up to you whether you both decide to work on the relationship or not.

However, the reading provides insights into the hidden dynamics of your relationship and points to the ways in which you can bring out the best in each other.

In many cases past-life and karmic issues are strongly indicated in the charts of one or both people. If that is the case, being together is a chance to experience more love with conscious change of behavioral and energetic patterns.

If you are interested in shifting the vibration of your relationship to a higher level so that you can move past the obstacles & hurts and into growth and joy, this reading is for you.

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Both partners need to give consent to the reading


These readings are intended for entertainment purposes. They represent neither legal nor medical advice. By submitting a request for a reading, you indicate your understanding that no specific results are guaranteed.


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