The Gifts of Jupiter


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Jupiter, known as the great benefic (benefactor, luck-bringer, growth-supporter) in astrology, is now travelling through the sign of Aries and will briefly re-enter Pisces on October 27 (till December 20th). 

This consult will tell you not only what area of life will Jupiter be influencing for the next six months, but also what kinds of connections will he be making to all the other planets in your chart.

If those connections are supportive – there are certain types of actions you can take to succeed and manifest your goals.

If those connections are challenging, there will be suggestions on what types of actions to avoid.

And many people will have a unique blend of the two.

If you are drawn to hearing what gifts will Jupiter bring to your life and how to best use them for your advantage in the last six months of the 2022, then this reading is for you!


These readings are intended for entertainment purposes. They represent neither legal nor medical advice. By submitting a request for a reading, you indicate your understanding that no specific results are guaranteed.


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