I have had multiple Accunect sessions with Brana throughout the years and what she does is amazing. I fully trust her abilities to reveal and work on what I need in an energy session to help improve my physical and mental health.

I have recently had some issues I did not tell her about and in the very beginning of the session she was able to sense EXACTLY what I needed, which matched those issues.

After the session I was finally able to be active and full of energy for the remainder of the day, after a couple of weeks feeling down and exhausted all the time.

Thank you Brana, you are the best! – T.I.

OMG!!!!!! I just finished my New Moon Manifesting Process with Brana less than 30 minutes ago and my brain is whirling with excitement, ideas and inspiration! If anyone is on the fence with booking this session, I say jump/run, just do it! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and I won’t spoil the element of surprise; I highly recommend booking this session!!! – Kim G.

Thank you for fitting in a session with me yesterday evening. I woke this morning feeling like a weight was lifted. I wasn’t in pain and I felt better in every way. I am seeing more clearly and am hopeful of making progress on the challenging tasks I am multitasking at. Your session was remarkable and you are a Blessing! – Mylin King

Brana has done astrology natal chart readings for both of my kids now. If you had told me 5 years ago that I’d be using astrology, I would have laughed at you! But Brana’s readings have been INCREDIBLY helpful to me as a parent trying to support her children. I’ve gone all the traditional routes, and none of them gave me the insight that I got from Brana. She gave me deep insights into who my kids are, their gifts and challenges, and what I can do to support them. The changes I’ve made based on her suggestions have helped then both at home and at school. I don’t understand how it all works, but that’s ok. I just know that IT HELPED!
– A.J.

Wow! Thank you! These messages make absolute sense to me!!! Bless you and thank you so much for doing this. I needed a little reminder from the Smoky Quartz – Ashley

Steve and I had a Soul Contracts Astrology reading with Brana Mijatovic yesterday evening. I’m posting here to publicly thank her and to tell anyone interested that this is a very valuable investment and experience. We have been married 36 years, and we have worked through many things (with and without help in that time), but we never reached a level where we felt we were working with the real central issues and making strong growth/change. The readings for us (individually and together) that Brana shared from the data in our Astrological charts was on point and layered. She presented an amazing amount of data for getting to the core and resolving issues both current and long standing. We understand so many things that have puzzled us before; we can focus now in areas that felt vague for years and we can move forward individually and collectively toward our goals much faster. During the session we even learned about goals we did not know we had or only partially understood; that was really amazing! We will be much more able to help each other meet our personal goals, our goals as a couple this lifetime and our soul contracted goals to clear remnants from other lives because we invested in this Couples Soul Contracts reading with Brana. We both give this a thumbs up and applause.
– Milyn K.

I have personally had two completely different types of readings with Brana. One was with crystals and the other was based on my astrological chart. Based on those experiences, I can confidently say she is gifted, articulate, knowledgeable, and “tapped in”. She provided me with valuable insights and practical ways to utilize the information she shared. I have and will continue to highly recommend her. – Michele

The three Tesla Energy Work sessions opened me up to experiences I did not expect. I am embracing lasting improvements in my cognitive ability; my emotional state is pleasantly balanced and physical functioning is noticeably improved. Focus and attention are clear and precise. My general outlook is very positive.
I am calm and content with a clear sense/knowing of purpose. I recommend that, should Brana suggest Tesla Energy Work, positive results are highly likely.
– Paul F.

So… I have to say – I’m in shock! In the 10 days or so since we did the Archetype Integration healing session, just about EVERYTHING in my life has shifted! Seriously Brana – this is crazy! Awesome – but crazy! Incredible – but crazy!
Honestly, there have been so many changes I can’t even begin to list them all… many have been small… though some are HUGE! I just can’t believe what a difference an hour can make! Anyway, THANK YOU!!!! – Ann L.

I had quite severe symptoms from a respiratory flu that left my entire being absolutely depleted and I became deeply depressed. I needed to get back to my regular routine of life, as a business owner, a wife and a mother. I was completely drained and out of sorts. Brana suggested that I would benefit from receiving 3 Tesla sessions from her. I agreed especially since she would do this while I was sleeping at home (a distance session).
The benefits for me were immediate. After the first session, I awoke feeling about 50% improved. This was huge since I had been stuck in depression for a week without resolution. After the second session, I awoke and felt 90% improved. I had so much energy and I was able to focus on my daily routine again. After the third session, it took 24 hours for my system to reset and then I was truly back to my natural disposition with even more energy and vitality.
I have continued to notice improved focus with my goals for my spiritual teaching career and my business. And my relationship with my husband has blossomed as well!!
Thank you Brana for suggesting the Tesla energy sessions. I am blown away and so very grateful for how the sessions quickly revitalized my entire body, mind, and spirit.
– Deborah Mazanek, PT, CBP, AP, CFT

I asked Brana to provide an astrological chart for myself and a family member as we had been having issues communicating off and on for a very long time. I chose Brana for this report as I trusted her intuitive sense and because of her studies, her ability to interpret the information appropriately. I learned a few things about the relationship that Brana objectively brought to the forefront that explained why we were having these issues. Not only does Brana shine a light on the current situation, but she also outlines tools that the client can use to resolve the issues, including appropriate crystals to work with, ways of communicating (or not communicating) and provides feedback on the outcomes of her suggestions. Brana is a light in the dark with not only the knowledge of the science behind how and why things work, but also a very gifted intuitive healer. I highly recommend her. – J.S.

Thank you so much for the reading. It contained many things that I knew in the back of my mind and didn’t want to really confront. I will work on the techniques you sent me and see if I can get out of my own way.
– Robin H.

I have been following Brana’s amazing page for over the past year. I am constantly impressed how spot on she is with her crystal readings. She has taught me through the readings what crystals I needed to incorporate into my everyday life. Brightest blessings and light! – K.B.D.

I’ve found that having Accunect energy sessions with Brana – even remote ones — helps me weather the geomagnetic storms so much better. I sleep better, have fewer headaches, my eyes hurt less, and I bounce back faster. – S.M.A.

If you’re working on recognizing and strengthening the connection between body, mind, and spirit, a balancing session with Brana is the perfect thing to support you. Physically the balancing helps you to feel more centered, particularly on days when you feel “off” without understanding why. Mentally, the information she uncovers guides you on ways to support your general well-being or overcome a challenge in your life. Spiritually, the session helps you to connect with spiritual guides and remember to view yourself with compassion. The energy work she does helps you feel better in the present while the information she picks up gives you direction on how to find and maintain inner harmony in the future. The overall effect of the Accunect balancing is soothing on all levels and I highly recommend it!  – Rachel N.

I have personally had two completely different types of readings with Brana. One was with crystals and the other was based on my astrological chart. Based on those experiences, I can confidently say she is gifted, articulate, knowledgeable, and “tapped in”. She provided me with valuable insights and practical ways to utilize the information she shared. I have and will continue to highly recommend her. – Michele

My Astrology Soul Blueprint Reading was quite powerful and accurate with regards to describing aspects of my life, specific gifts that I possess (and are likely meant to use and share with the world,) and the challenges and questions I’ve been facing. The reading provided clarity and affirmation of some changes I’ve sensed needing in my life, which was particularly helpful as it reminded me to trust my intuition as I move forward.
I highly recommend Brana, and I look forward to continuing to use her talents as a resource for my continued learning and healing! Thank you, Brana! – M.S.

I can’t thank you enough for being able to hear the “whole thing”, help me put it into perspective and sort out how to handle the next steps in manageable chunks as I move forward. It seems like you provide a beautifully helpful combination of listening with a solid overlay of spiritual/intuitive perspective. I am enormously grateful! – F.Q.

I just had an Astrology Follow-Up session with Brana where she worked to help me understand the powerful and stressful forces affecting my life now and into next year because of some specific challenging outer planet transits, some of which began in Feb of this year and some in May.

There was no way she could know what was happening in my life since Feb and May, but she hit every category of areas I have been struggling with – and some I hadn’t consciously noticed. 

I feel a solid support from these revelations because, as she said to me: “This is not you. It is not your age or the result of being ill. These are planetary effects and they have a time when the will end. You just need to do what you can to take care of yourself so you can get through this difficult time, and I can give you ideas and support in that.” 

Brana always amazes me, but this session was as huge as the planet Jupiter which is providing some benevolent assistance at this otherwise chaotic time. 

Thank you Brana.  I will be following your advice. – M. K.

Unlocking Past Lives was life-changing for me, and I am so grateful to her for the insight she shared and the healing she provided. Instantly, I felt the obstructions dissolve, and a clearer path opened up to the experiences my soul was meant to have all along. Brana, you have a magnificent gift, and I thank you again for using it to assist others in overcoming life’s obstacles with resilience and clarity. -E.L.

Good morning, wanted to thank much more you for Accunect energy session! I woke up feeling much more like my normal self… physical energy is almost back to normal and, more importantly, I feel optimistic! Definitely ready to push through the next two weeks and looking forward to whatever lies ahead once the last few years are put to rest. Thanks again! – C.R.

The New Moon Manifestation we did was amazing in that a couple of big blocks were removed! I’m not feeling the same drag from care tasks and I’m non-judgmental if I forget to do something here and there. It’s great. Planning is also moving along. – J.A.

I have been attending meditation with Brana for seven months and it has brought peace and focus to my life. I look forward to each night as Brana consistently provides powerful, relaxing, and rejuvenating experiences. In addition, she prepared and read my astrological chart and the insight she provided was amazing. I participated in an energy session which was very moving and emotional. Brana is a genuine person who provides guidance and brings a sense of peace whenever she is around. – W. W.

I had the privilege of taking the Crystal Reiki course offered by Brana at Crystal Cosmopolitan. A few years ago, I had a brief introduction to regular Reiki but this did not prepare me for Crystal Reiki. Also, as a long time practitioner of Meditation (TM), I was delighted by this new Crystal mediated practice .As soon as Brana introduced me to Crystal Reiki I was captivated.
First for its use of special Oriental Calligraphic symbols, a script that I had been fascinated with for many years, and then, as we started to use the crystals and experience their power, I saw that they greatly facilitated my entry into a meditative state. Once in that state I experienced emotional and physical release in the form of somato-emotional “unwinding” that offered relief of tensions and pain. Later homework sessions brought me revelations of a more esoteric nature, where I realized who my earthly Guides were. I highly recommend this course. – Mary Ruth

I found Brana’s work very helpful in guiding me to focus on areas where I need to remove blocks so that I can move forward with what’s next. I achieved very powerful results from my Tesla Healing Metamorphosis sessions with Brana – the most powerful I have ever had from any healing modality. I am much more in control of my emotional life and have a greater sense of purpose in my creative work. She is a truly gifted healer! – Jose Medina

Brana’s ability to heal using her understanding of energy, chakra-work, and crystals is a rare gift. Many people train to do these things, and I have gone to several different kinds of practitioners, but Brana’s facility with healing is very powerful. I have had her help with stomach problems, headaches, anxiety or other mental/emotional problems. Whether my request was for a physical or an emotional issue, Brana’s deep attention and her integrity of purpose have filled me with comfort, relief and spiritual direction. Each time I have had a Crystal Chakra Balancing session with her I could feel my body fill up with light. Something inside of me seems to shift. This is not something I can will or fake. Either it happens or not and with Brana it happens.
Brana is very sensitive to the needs of her client. She is ever respectful, yet thorough in applying her healing skills. This kind of healing is a blessing and I feel lucky to have met someone who has a natural gift for it and has pursued extensive training. – C.G.H.

Hi Brana,
Had to let you know that last night was the first night that I slept through the night without waking up once! That is the first time in years. I always wake up 2 to 3 times a night. I can’t tell you how wonderful that felt! Thanks for the energy work! – L.L.

If you are considering energy work, I highly recommend Brana! I initially went to Brana to have some healing on my elbow that I had overextended in December and was having pain just lifting a jar. I had an Accunect session and then signed up for the Tesla sessions!
They were magical. That may sound corny, but it is so true. What started out as a healing session for my elbow turned into healing on a much deeper level.
Through the Tesla sessions, I feel like my entire body has been recalibrated. I sleep like a baby and can sleep 8-9 hours uninterrupted every night. I used to sleep 7 hours a night and could never sleep more than that no matter how hard I tried.
I feel more creative, more inspired, more relaxed, rejuvenated and the list goes on. It didn’t stop there, but that alone is worth it!
I broke my sacro iliac last March and ever since then if I ran, jumped, bounced or walked more than a mile, my hip would lock, and the pain would last several days. That has impacted my ability to do all of the exercises that I would like. Guess what? No more sacro iliac pain. I walked 2 miles the other day, no problems, no locking up of joints. It was like, I could go walk another 2 miles and all good. My elbow pain has disappeared as well!
I have a special rescue dog that I have had an on and off again relationship with for the last 2 ½ years. It has felt more like he tolerated me. My energy has shifted so much, he wants to be in with me all day and he wants to sleep by my feet at nighttime. That was a huge shift!
It hasn’t quite been 2 weeks since my last Tesla session, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I have more shifts, more aha moments and so on. Thank you Brana. You have an amazing gift and I am so grateful to have met you!!!  – Kim G.

Wow, Brana! I slept straight through the night for the first time in weeks! Our crystal chakra balancing session continues to help me relax and the crystals you suggested for me are working out perfectly!
– D.F.

Now I know what it means to sleep through the night!! I feel as if our Accunect energy session unblocked something that has been stuck in my body/mind/soul for a long time. Thank you!! – Jose J.S.G.

I highly recommend working with Brana, whether for a crystal reading, astrology reading, crystal class, energy work, or other opportunity. She is a lovely person with a kind and gentle energy. My most recent astrology reading was very grounding. It gave me a sense of spiritual stability. By that I mean that I felt reconnected to the greater plan and a renewed confidence in divine timing. Additionally, knowing what energies are affecting me and what impact those energies might have, makes me feel better prepared for what might come up, thereby increasing my ability to cope with any challenges, and in some cases, even to avoid pitfalls. Moreover, such a reading sheds light on what one can do to increase personal growth and expansion. Overall, I find the information one receives from Brana’s readings to be very comforting. – T.P.

Thanks for connecting me to the world of the Crystals, Brana. This was the biggest therapeutic breakthrough I’ve had in a long time and one that has gotten me deeply in touch with nature again, for the first time since I was a kid  – M.E.R.

Every time I get a mini reading from you, they are always point. Almost all of my reads from you are saying take the leap … do what’s in your heart and so on !!! These readings give me hope to know I can and will make it on my own and be happy once again !! Thank you for all that you’ve done :)) – S.M.

I had an astrology reading with Brana – amazing. She made me feel incredibly comfortable from the moment I met her. Her reading was right on target. It was as if she was telling me the story of my life with details. I would recommend Brana’s astrology readings to anybody who is looking for clarity and information from the universe that she has intuitive access. – F.O.

Brana is an amazing intuitive and healer. Her energy work goes layers deep into the body and assists the body in its natural healing process. She can get to the source of a problem and offers suggestions and tips on how to improve a situation. Her intuitive abilities are excellent she can decipher information and presents it in a way that is easy to understand. She is ethical, knowledgeable, and best of all genuine. – Lourdes

You are amazing, very intuitive! Everything u said is spot on. I am on my journey & I need help with these. Thank you much. Blessings! – Linda W.C.

Wow, you have hit the nail on the head about things going on, and hard. Just wow! – E.S.L.

I woke up with pain in my hip (left) that was so bad I was limping and I couldn’t move my hip in certain ways without a lot of pain. For example, I couldn’t sit criss-crossed. I’m not sure what caused it- my best guess is I pulled something exercising. I reached out to Brana and she recommended doing a Tesla Healing session as soon as possible. The morning after my session my hip felt significantly better, and the second day after the session my hip felt back to normal. I have had several sessions (of various types) with Brana over the last 8 years, and can only highly recommend her.
– Tabitha

The readings she gave served to augment what I intuited and provided more gumption to keep on keeping on.
– Quinne

My doctor was amazed how quickly and well I am healing after my surgery. I almost told him it was because of the crystal healing session that I had with you! – C.G.

Brana is a warm and gifted healer who has brought me through one of the hardest years of my life. I am new to these sorts of approaches and am both an intellectual and a skeptic by nature. But my experiences with Brana have been genuinely transformative and healing, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. My work with her has drastically and beautifully altered my relationship with myself and with others and has shifted my view of the spiritual world. Now I see mystery everywhere, and it is beautiful. I am so grateful for Brana’s gifts, her vision, her tenderness, and her guidance on my journey. I know she will be grace for you, as she was for me. – Jane

Here is what has started to happen after the 3rd Tesla Metamorphosis Session I had with you a week ago: My mood is more stable and calmer. I am intuitively clear in thinking, clear in planning, and if I’ve misplaced something, I pick up a “knowing”where to look. I would say my inner wisdom, focus, and confidence has improved…and this gives my greater peace of mind. Emotionally any anxiety or depressed moments are short lived now – I’m led to get up and get busy doing something: journaling, coloring, painting, dancing…and it changes me to happiness and less anxiety. I am more focused on the tasks at hand with an increased attention span.
Physically I have way more energy to do stuff. Most of the hot- flashes I experienced before are nearly gone; down to one or two a day….instead of hourly. Sure, appreciate that.
Mentally I pick myself up, dust myself off, and keep going…positively. I know exactly how that feels….great! Spiritually I know all will be ok for me. – T.B.

During the three Tesla Healing Metamorphosis sessions I saw the color purple and felt energy move through the various parts of my body. It felt like a slight pressure and tingling. and after the session I fell asleep. The very next day I experienced regular bowel movements in the morning — which I’ve been struggling with for years! —  and this continued after each session! I also noticed that I am very calm at work in spite of a very stressful environment and I had also resolved a tricky financial situation to my benefit. The next three sessions brought an increased sense of physical energy the likes of which I haven’t experienced in years and an optimistic and positive outlook. Thank you for my sessions! – V. L.

Recently, after repeated suggestions by my massage therapist, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop given by Brana Crystal Cosmopolitan. Following this informative class, I scheduled a Crystal Chakra Balancing with her.
The session started by attuning/opening my Chakras with crystals and was followed by Brana’s revealing reading: I learned that my animal is the Owl and that Amethyst, a crystal that I had owned for many years and had admired but never knew how to access its healing potential, was the one I now needed to work with. Brana gave me homework – meditation with Amethyst and Clear Calcite for a period, since they were the most dominant during the balancing session.
After a week of interesting reactions which occurred while meditating with the Amethyst, I then I spent a couple of weeks working with Clear Calcite, the second stone that was suggested by Brana. A few days after meditating with the Calcite, I felt compelled to take a walk in our adjacent woods. Once in the woods, I almost immediately experienced a dramatic experience of emotional energy and a subsequent creative release of poetic dialog with myself (I am a scientist by profession!).
Since then I have worked with other crystals and I continue to explore the wonders in my woods, most notably the grove of magnificent Beech trees that reside therein. I have even taken to embracing them, literally and figuratively, as a source of comfort and wisdom. You could say I now talk to the trees.
Other serendipitous events have been happening in my life since I started using crystals.
I can’t wait to see what the next crystal will reveal to me. – Michelle

I was slow to accept the validity of energy healing… until I tried it. Brana’s methods and preparation are so thorough and complete and effective, I find myself completely, and pleasantly, mystified at the changes I’m experiencing through the Awaken the Queen Within Program. In our sessions I find myself relaxing deeply, releasing long-held beliefs that no longer serve me, and accepting new possibilities and a new vision for myself. I’m grateful for this gift, this program that engages me so completely, and I look forward to where it’s taking me. – Dr. A.N.S.

Your Tesla Metamorphosis sessions far exceeded my expectations as well as the outcomes of other energy work, I’ve received elsewhere. After just three sessions that we had I noticed immediate and lasting improvements in my mental, emotional and physical functioning.
My focus and attention span improved. My mood became more stable with an unexpected sense of calm and contentment replacing my high levels of anxiety.
The aching arthritic pain in my toes and hands almost entirely disappeared. Enough of it is gone for me to feel wonderful; I believe that the remaining slight discomfort Is my body reminding me to take care of myself, to develop healthy habits that will sustain me better for the long run.
My hot flashes are gone, and I’ve been consistently sleeping through the night again for the first time in a long time.
The outcomes of the Tesla Healing Metamorphosis have been truly incredible! – M.S.

Since I started energy sessions with Brana every aspect of my life has improved — I am more focused, more outgoing, and more relaxed in my everyday life.
My anxiety is gone and I sleep better, which is a huge change for me!! – I.C.

My Tesla Healing Metamorphosis sessions with Brana assisted me in releasing emotional baggage that was hindering me from moving forward. I am finding it easier to let go of things holding me back physically (tendency to be a pack rat). On a vibrational level, I have more energy to accomplish my goals. I highly recommend these sessions for anyone who wants to move forward in their lives. – L.L.

I have been having Tesla Healing Energy sessions with Brana for one month and am truly amazed at the changes in my life. I went to her primarily hoping to get relief from arthritis pain and stiffness but have received so much more in addition to that.  After the first session I had absolutely no pain or stiffness in my hands and, with more sessions, reduced the pain dramatically in other joints. I have been able to greatly reduce the pain meds I previously needed to take. My energy level is higher than it’s been in years and I awake every morning with an aliveness that I don’t ever remember having. It’s hard to explain but it’s as though I’ve had an awakening physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thank you sweet Brana for sharing your amazing gifts and talents with me. – Judy B.

I am an 80-years old man who didn’t quite believe in this stuff but had decided I had nothing to lose by trying it. I had a persistent painful cough throughout the last year and already after the first Tesla Healing Metamorphosis session, I felt an improvement. After the third session it was completely gone. I booked another set of 3 sessions and the physical discomfort in my neck and my left shoulder which I’ve been having daily for quite some time is now gone. – M.M.

For the last 10 years, since the onset of my chronic fatigue syndrome, I was not able to focus, comprehend, nor connect the words on the page into a meaningful flow. I could recognize letters and words, but not make meaning out of them, not follow the plot. It feels so great to be able to do it again after just a few sessions with you! In the last six weeks I’ve read six books!!
– A. J.

You helped me so much last Sunday! I don’t know how you did it, but I can’t remember the last time I woke up so easily and with so much energy as I did on Monday. I am thankful! – Alma J.

I have had knee discomfort, pain and chronic crackling since I was a child especially in my left knee. I came to Brana [for a distance session] not knowing what expect. During the profound and life-changing session where I uncovered so much behind other pains and discomforts in my body, Brana’s powerful holding of space and her ability to listen to you and witness you has helped heal it with ease. During the session I felt the energy move as I spoke to Brana about it. After the session, and within 24hrs, my left knee was transformed! It was supple, light, and strong. No more crackling or discomfort. It was marvelous. It was all gone and it hasn’t come back since. Very grateful to her kindness and her ability to transform illness or disease with ease and compassion.
– Abeer A.

Brana, what you did was very VERY helpful. I was deeply impressed and very, VERY grateful. THANK YOU. You did a great job and he has slept peacefully ever since. And this means UNINTERRUPTED sleep for me as well! Aaaaaahhh. – B.F.